Alopecia – The low down

Mature, middle-aged woman looks anxiously away, touching forehead and hair with hand

Alopecia is a term used to generalise a number of more specific types of hair loss. We naturally shed 100-150 hairs daily, its nothing to worry about, but occasionally someone may notice more extreme shedding causing concern.

Generally, alopecia can be linked to genetics, hormones, medical history or behaviours. Therefore, some types of alopecia may be temporary and hair will grow back, sometimes due to a change of behaviour or your body dispersing medication. Unfortunately, some hair loss can be permanent and can be both stressful and upsetting. But fear not, there are plenty of options available to help you through this experience.

The Break Down

Among the many different types of Alopecia, there are some main types we can discuss:

* Areata -this is an auto immune disease which usually appears as smooth patches of hair loss on the scalp. The condition is not painful but can be distressing as there is no guarantee that hair will return.
* Totalis -similar to areata, this is total hair loss on the scalp and over the body.
* Telogen Effluvium -this tends to be an increase in hair shedding, 300-500 hairs a day and usually around the crown and temples. It is associated with pregnancy, surgery and medications and therefore can often be temporary, with normal hair growth returning after 6months.
* Traction Alopecia -when an area of hair thins and sometimes balds due to excessive stress put upon the hair strands eg clips that are too tight or severe braiding.  If the cause is stopped hair can regrow, although sometimes the damage is already done and hair loss can be permanent.
* Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia -hair thinning and receding from hairline, usually experienced post menopause and generally permanent.

Currently we don’t have a cure for alopecia, but here at enhanced hair studio we offer a mesh integration system. It is discreet and can be matched to your natural hair. We can design a bespoke piece for your individual needs which can be styled and treated just like your own hair. Hair loss doesn’t have to be the end, it can be the beginning of a new and exciting journey!

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