Coping With Your Enhanced Hair System During Lockdown

As we went into lockdown at the end of March no one knew how long it would go on for. A lot of our clients who wear our Enhanced Hair systems  started to go into a complete panic about their hair.
It is recommended that your Enhanced Hair system is maintained every 4-6 weeks for a tightening so that the system is secured while your natural hair grows underneath.

When the government advised that all salons were to close to prevent the spread of Covid-19 we offered our clients maintenance kits which provided clients with the necessary supplies and instructions on how to maintain their systems at home. As well as online phone and video calls to any clients requiring support during this hard time.

How would I maintain it?

Wash your system less than you usually would try only washing it once a week, this will avoid loosening the system. If you can tie your hair up in a loose pony tail when you sleep at night to avoid it moving around and causing unnecessary tension on your own hair.

What should I do if my system gets loose?

If it’s really loose you have a few options, you can slide some bobby pins into the mesh to try keep it in place, another option is to wear a head band over the system this will stop it from moving around to much during the day.

How will I wash it?

Be very gentle when washing the hair hold the system with one hand whilst gently lathering the shampoo on one side then switch hands and do the other side just shampoo once to avoid to much stress on the hair and then condition as normal.

How do I style the system when it’s so loose?

Spray a leave in conditioner spray into the system then hold the system with one hand whilst using our Enhanced Hair Creations brush to gently brush the system and get all the knots out. Gently blowdry the system using a medium heat and holding the hair dry above the system blast it until it’s completely dry. If needs be you can then smooth over the ends with our Enhanced Hair styler.

Will it damage my hair being left on without maintenance?

You may find after the system being left longer than usual that there will be more shedding than normal when the system is taken off. Don’t panic though as hopefully these hairs will grow back under the system once we’ve realigned it.

Let’s hope that we’ll not be locked down again but rest assured that the team at Enhanced Hair Studio are only a phone call away if you do need any advice please feel free to call or email us.

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