Trichotillomania (trick-oh-till-oh-man-e-a) which can also be known as trich (trick), or the hair pulling disorder, is a rare obsessive-compulsive disorder which can often stem from anxiety or stress. It involves irresistible urges to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body, despite efforts to stop.  Pulling from the scalp can result in varying degrees of hair loss, in some cases where the area has been repetitively pulled for years it can result in permanent damage.

We at Enhanced Hair understand how devastating this disorder can be for your self confidence. The Enhanced Hair System is an effective way for trich sufferers to disguise any hair loss, and in some cases helps break the pulling habit as the Enhanced Hair System can act like a barrier and unlike wigs it can’t be taken off so it’s a much more suitable option for anyone suffering with trich. 

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